What does insurance have to do with Wealth Management? Everything.

Welcome to Front Range Life & Health, Inc.

In the course of my work I meet people on a regular basis who have not been well served by their insurance. It is easy to wind up with a policy not designed well enough to provide the protection needed when the day arrives for it to serve its purpose. An example would be a policy which covers only generic drugs and therefore leaves the insured paying for extremely expensive brand name drugs after a cancer diagnosis. For this reason, I take very seriously the possible scenarios that my clients find hard to imagine could happen to them. I consider it my job to make sure my clients are getting the best value for their money and are buying complete coverage.

With health insurance taken care of the next job of a good insurance portfolio is to create and preserve wealth. There is simply no better way to leverage money from one generation to the next than through life insurance, IRAs and annuities. By choosing the right products to fit my clients' age, financial standing, marital status, desires and intentions, I help them ensure their own financial security for life and then leave a legacy to their families.

To learn more about ways I can help, Contact me, Dale, to find out more about insurance and to see if you are getting the best value for your money.

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